@JasonWu. I got nothing!

While the men were prepping for the @SuperBowl many of the ladies were heading to @Target to see the @JasonWu line. I wish this was a fun post on what I thought of the fabrics and what neat items I picked up. I got nothing! From what I hear all items are sold out everywhere and the sizes run really big. My Target store opened at 8:00 am and when I arrived at 10:00 am all I saw was 2 size XL shirts and one really ugly scarf. That’s it, nothing else. When I asked up front about the selection they had no idea what I was talking about!  But the sales associate at the dressing room said people were lined up at 8:00 am outside. Really? In the suburbs of Boston? Well at least we got to preview the items and there are a couple items left online.

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