Kids Hair Accessories @Forever21

Hair Accessories – my kids love them but they also lose them or break them…a lot! Headbands, clips, pony tail holders, etc. all here today and sometimes gone tomorrow. That is why I dread spending a lot of money on anything that goes in their hair.  On a recent gal’s night out with my 7 year old we took a trip to forever 21. She knew immediately that is was not a kids store when she went reaching for a few t-shirts but when we hit the accessories section she was in heaven and so was I.

Cute necklaces for under $4.00….. Hair clips and headbands for $1.50…I did not mind getting a few  for her and her sister. The store had the trendiest ones available – headbands with feathers in them. In fact anything with feathers is my 7 year old’s favorite.  These clips I might keep for myself!

@forever21 hair accessories

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