Travel Plans? @HemlsBriscoe

I am not a big traveler any more. I used to travel all the time for work but since being self-employed and most of my work is done online and over the phone I do not get on a plane or stay in a hotel that often. I do have a trip planned for an overnight in NYC and was looking for a hotel and did not have time to do the research myself and that I why I was so excited to meet Eileen Shank of HemlsBriscoe. (check her out on linked in!)

Within a day she got me a great rate at a hotel in NYC. Day 1 and my trip was planned! Working with someone to help plan your trip, meeting or event is much easier, I think!

The next time you have a group meeting or event to plan contact Eileen at HelmsBriscoe. She specializes in large, group rates (10 or more overnight rooms) and or all rooms and meeting spaces from the smallest meetings to city wide conventions.

FYI…HelmsBriscoe is the global leader in meeting procurement, saving customers time, energy, effort, money and resources and it is the largest site selection company in the world. I do believe they get exclusive access to special rates and promotions not available to anyone else.

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