Have you ever had that problem where you tried to wash a child’s favorite stuffed animal only to have it come out of the machine warped and misshaped?

Teddy Needs a Bath! comes to the rescue!   The folks at Teddy Needs  a Bath! sent us this great new product to take a look at and review.  What a cute concept for a new product.  Teddy Needs a Bath! was developed by mom Nicole R. Townend as a safe way to wash old, dusty stuffed animals.  It is The FIRST washer & dryer bag for stuffed toys. Teddy Needs a Bath! is made from materials that are  recycled and ecologically conscious.  The company recommends that you use it with front loading machines and that you remove all sound devices before washing. It’s best to use a delicate cycle and a gentle detergent. They also guarantee their product:  30 days/money back with proof of purchase.

You can find them at select retailers and online at National Allergy and coming soon to

Now, no more tears when Teddy goes to the washroom!

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