@Chopchopmag Lunch Boot Camp

Well I’ve said it before and I’ll say it all know I cannot cook!

That is why I was so excited to be a part of this event Hosted by Mommy Niri – The Lunch Boot Camp at the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts along with Chop Chop magazine.

Any tips, guidance and suggestions I am all for taking all of them.  Sally Sampson, editor and founder of Chop Chop magazine, a fun cooking magazine for families was there to talk about her cooking experiences with kids and food.  She writes about healthy eating and is the author of 20 cookbooks. She suggested to engage kids in the process and have them be part of the decisions on what to eat, prepare and cook. She said to show them a different way to add to sandwiches and soups and take advantage of any quirks they have with food and work them into a conversation, tasting or in preparation to help you make dinner. And oh yeah…. don’t worry about the mess…that is part of the fun!

Chef Jacobson, chef instructor at the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts showed us how she made her wonderful carrot soup and veggie penne pasta salad. They also set out turkey and cheese for us to make our own healthy sandwiches but added tons of toppings for us to choose from like pears, arugula, cucumbers, hummus and nuts.  I made a mean sandwich!

Chef Jacobson also had some great tips like buy heavy for certain veggies or fruits, especially winter squash and grapefruit. Use lettuce knives or paring knifes when asking your kids to help with prep work. Anything kids can individualize is a hit like putting out multiple toppings for pizza.

I am loving Chop Chop magazine as it has lots of fun ideas and shared it with my kids and hope that they offer a mommy and me cooking class soon!

Trendymommies and @groovygreenlivi at Lunch Boot Camp
Chef Jacobson, Cambridge School of Culinary Arts at Lunch Boot Camp
Yummy yogurt toppings at @Chopchopmag Lunch boot camp
Veggies! @chopchopmag Lunch Boot Camp at The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts

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