Lessons Learned: 4 days without power

Yes, I was like many New Englanders and others along the eastern shore that lost power in the October snowstorm.  But what shocked us the most was each day we were in denial – this must be the day we are getting our power back right? How long can it last? Growing up I do not remember not having power for so long and I survived the blizzard of ’78!
Here are the top three things I learned while living 4 days without power!

It could be worse – that’s right – our home was still standing –  we were just misplaced (and dazed) for those days, wondering where we would eat and finally after two nights of staying in the house at 43 degree temperatures we had enough. But where would we, a family of 4 stay?  Which leads to my next point…..

People are SO nice and are willing to help– Many people in my community offered to take us in, simply asking, “What do you need?” People welcomed us into their homes, cooked us food and let us have a warm bed to sleep in!

Kids are resilient – Of course while my hubby and I were all out of sorts our kids were having a blast. The first morning they noticed it was cold but then ran outside to play in the snow, followed by lunch and dinner at their friends’ and our neighbors’ house, a big sleepover in mom and dad’s bed and the next day a repeat of that with the addition of no school. It got even better the third day when we were invited to stay over at another friends house and they cooked us dinner! What fun! DID NOT PHASE THEM ONE BIT. Oh yeah they were cold those mornings but were having a blast!

Also, during this time the kids seemed pretty happy (while we, the parents mumbled under our breath about the lack of power!)  There was more family togetherness and really no complaints from the kids at all. But, the hubby still would like to purchase a back-up generator for the just in case… time….

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