Halloween Countdown 2011

Halloween is right around the corner – 23 days and counting. Do you and the kids have your costumes picked out? What are the latest trends for kids costumes and adult costumes for Halloween 2011? Here they are….

Each season we see Halloween costumes tied to a theme, movie or reality show.  Halloween 2011 is all about zombies and advertising men, Harry Potter, Angry Birds, Green Lantern, Captain America and of course vampires still rule for adults and kids.

Or if it’s something in the news this past year you can bet you’ll see a costume. For adults this Halloween 2011 season we will see a lot of Charlie Sheen, Arnold and Anthony Wiener costumes as well as Lady Gaga and Katie Perry still and I’m sure we will see many black swan costumes as well. Jersey Shore will still be popular for the adults. Last year my friends and I went as the cast of jersey shore. How fun!

Here are some great web sites to find Halloween costumes for 2011.

Chasing-Fireflies has the most adorable costumes like the Baby Bat and the colorful Peacock costume. This online retailer of fun children’s products has a very whimsical selection of costumes and also has great clothing and special occasion themed gifts. They also have costumes for the whole family and great mommy and me matching costumes.

For older kids, whatever movie is popular makes the cut.

Costume Express has the most variety of kids’ costumes online.  Little kids always like Disney princess each year and witches are always popular. This season for kids the zombies, Captain Americas,  Green Lantern, the Bumblebee character from Transformers, Bey Blades and star wars are a hit but we are still seeing Harry Potter for both boys and girls.

Old School Costumes are coming back like the Smurfs, Strawberry Shortcake, Raggedy Ann and Andy, Super Mario Bros. and Ghostbusters are among the more popular old-school costumes this year.

Tween girls will be dressing up as if they were attending Monster High – Frankie Stein is one of the characters. Then you also have the cheerleader zombies.

Happy Halloween costume shopping!


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