Bad mommy moment

Well we all have them. After a busy day of work I was yelling from my home office for the kids to put on their swim suits for swim team practice (oh,  about a hundred times).  Shuffled them to the car, drove to practice and while in the locker room my seven year old says, “where is my suit?” As I crept closer and checked under her shirt, sure enough no suit on her nor in her swim bag. Ugh! I lost it and yelled and said why didn’t you put your swim suit on as you knew we were HEADING TO SWIM PRACTICE?? I made her go up to her coach and tell her she was going to be late and drove back home, walked in the house and there was the swimsuit on the sofa. She knew I was mad. Now I will pack an extra suit in the car just in case…lesson learned…and I will try not to yell as much.

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