My, My Missoni @Target

So the other day I took the trip to Target to check out the new Missoni Line. I actually wrote it on my calendar to make sure I arrived on the early side. Apparently 10:00 am was too late. The women’s clothing options were slim and you would see women running around frantically with tons of items from the line in their carts!  I liked some of the clothing items and the kids’ line is just adorable. If you go on online there are some smaller items available but most are sold out. Some people think the zig zag pattern is out of control; others think it’s brillant. What do you think?  I like the more sedated accessories.  I snagged this sweater as I just loved the look of it. It is from the kids’ line but fits me fine.

My favorite was the Missoni for Target® Long Knit Cardigan – Blue Zigzag Print and of course they did not have it in a size small  – boo- hoo!  I much prefer this color to the browns and oranges.

If you are in the market for a swimsuit there might be one left.

Missoni Line at Target

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