Pet Noises

I broke down…..we now have a ginnea pig.  My kids have been begging for a dog and we almost got one over the summer. Long story… but I put in a deposit and dealt with a wierdo breeder who I guess just needed to make $ off of the small litter so we were not chosen to receive the puppy. So anyway….here comes summer and we’re not home anyway to take care of a puppy and my babysitter was heading to college and was looking for someone to take her 3 year old ginnea pig. I have to admit I was thinking a big rat…. but she really is kinda cute and makes these cooing noises.  She looks just like a zhu zhu pet.  I did not realize however that she sheds ALOT so I hope I am not allergic to her!  She also poops alot too – note to self…really research a pet before you agree to take it!

The kids are enjoying her and I thought it would be a good test for them to take care of a live creature but it is weird to have a live, furry animal in the house when you have never had one before. Besides the cute cooing the other night I was like, WHAT is that noise coming from downstairs? A big bug, a mouse? Oh wait we have a ginnea pig!  I guess I have to get used to the pet noises now!

Pet: Ginnea Pig versus zhu zhu pet

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