A chat with award winning filmmaker and author

As I have mentioned before I find inspiration in other’s stories of turning their passion (or their problem) into success. It’s Q&A time!  This week Andrea Buchanan, author of Live and Let Love, Notes from Extraordinary Women on the Layers, the Laughter and the Litter of Love answers our quick Q&A.

Q:  Tell us in a nutshell about your career and how you became a writer.

I write books as well as television and film and I’m a director and a producer.  My work has been mostly in the non-fiction/documentary area, however, over the last four years, I’ve been doing more scripted television and co-directed a short film with Jennifer Aniston which I wrote called “Room 10”.   I always wrote poetry and journaled, and just took that interest to the next level in non-scripted shows: The most famous is Behind The Music, where I honed my writing chops.

Q:  What would you tell other writers who are struggling?

There’s not a writer who isn’t struggling, so just know that you are not alone. It’s a very isolating business and there are days that are less productive than others. But if you sit down and work everyday, at least for an hour, something will come from that hour.  Something I learned from one of my writing mentors, is that there’s no such thing as a crappy first draft.  Write it, get it out, let someone read it, and then improve upon it.

Q:  Any advice for other women owned businesses?

Try to be kind to yourself every day. Stay present, have goals set, put them up somewhere so that you can see them. Surround yourself with people who will lift you up instead of tear you down.

Award Winning Filmmaker and author Andrea Buchanan’s new book is called Live and Let Love, Notes from Extraordinary Women on the Layers, the Laughter and the Litter of Love. It’s an essay of love written by some of America’s most fascinating and vibrant women.  Find out more here. 

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