Happy Valentine’s Day!

There has been so much talk of what to buy for Valentine’s Day and the best gifts that I decided to write about something a little bit different for this day and talk about a trend that my 6 year just loves to do….shop your closet.

My 6 year old asked me if I was going to talk about her in my blog post and I told her I would! Especially because she made me think about this trend – shopping in your closet! 

Yes, on many occasions she shops in my closet and puts together the most adorable outfits. This past weekend she put together this outfit for me (didn’t even know I had the necklace). Both her and my 9 year old are quite the fashionistas – see other picture below.  There are so many ways to update your look this upcoming spring season with pieces you already have in your closet – think cargos with bright colors like orange or pink or gold jewelry with that black dress your own and snakeskin is big – from accessories to dresses.  Just take an inventory of what you already have and throw out what you have not worn and go from there….

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