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A Bag for all seasons

ooh I just received an email from Godiva that I am to receive a free environmentally friendly reusable tote pouch! (yes I do have a rewards card – what can I say I love chocolate but that’s another post) There are so many reuable totes out there. Are you using reusable totes? Here are a few favorites of mine.

The ChicoBag blossom collection  for the spring is like a breath of fresh air! I like the shoulder length straps and how it fits into a small pouch.

Ecobags has a great organic cotton reusable shopping bag. I like that it’s cotton and can fold easily.

Reuseit also has just about everything on their site.  Love the name of the reuseit workhorse shopping bag set. This set of 4 bags is the most compact and holds 120 plus pounds!

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