Ok it’s the two words during the winter time that every working parent dreads – snow day! We might have one tomorrow but it’s always a fun and interesting day and the kids seem so excited….

Now what?? It’s the question many moms and dads are asking….Who stays home, where do the kids go – what do they DO ALL DAY??? Don’t panic – here are my top 10 suggestions:

1.      Of course  – send them outside in the snow

2.      Have them help you shovel

3.      Make snow cones – please only use fresh fallen snow as tempting as it might be for kids to grab any old snow – grab paper cups and sprinkle maple syrup over it

4.      When they come in 10 minutes after ideas 1 through 3 (ha, ha) do the hot chocolate thing

5.      Bake cookies, brownies, anything!

6.      I usually head to my gift closet and see what I have that they can “open” – yes I now have a closet in the downstairs hallway that I call the gift closet where I store presents – that’s a whole other post! But usually it’s craft items I stock up on for days like this.

7.      Are there neighborhood kids that can walk over for an impromptu play date?

8.      Popcorn and a movie will keep them entertained for a few hours

9.      Let’s play clean our room – this might only work with younger kids! But you can offer prizes

10.  Ask them what they want to play and whether it’s a board game, Wii or a card game – take time with the kids and have fun

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