Happy Halloweeing!

So we all know that this is the kids favorite holiday (ok its really not a holiday) but tell that to my 7 year old who thought she could get out of French class this morning due to the “holiday”.  My younger one wants to know when we are going haloweening – so cute aren’t they? 

This year the costume choices were perfectly clear – Hannah Montana for the older one and I took the younger one to the store to pick out her own costume. She chose a lovely mermaid outfit (but it’s not ariel… she is well aware of that) but it still looks adorable anyway!

I was searching online for costumes for kids and would you believe there is an actual site called Halloween Costumes for kids?https://halloweencostumes4kids.com

They really have a great selection of all my favorites – Strawberry Shortcake, Madeline, Daphne from Scooby Doo

If you wait to the last minute like me and are crafty (not me) check out https://familyfun.go.com/arts-and-crafts/season/specialfeature/halloween_ms_costumes/

The step by step directions are very helpful for us non crafty people!


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