A chill is in the air – at least in the Northeast anyway

Having come back from a business trip in Miami where the temperature was 85 degrees and sunny I was stunned by the change of cold weather in Boston – 30-40’s in the morning. Now I love fashion but want to be warm at the same time. My friend was laughing at me while packing for the airport as I scored some great deals in Miami on winter clothes and was trying to stuff it all in my one carry on bag.  I put aside some of the sweaters and one scarf I bought and she said you are going to look like a bag lady in the airport!
Here are just some of the items that I cozy up to in the cooler seasons

UGG Boots – I don’t care who says anything bad about UGG boots -  I still love my UGG boots. My two young daughters call them the ugly boots and really protest wearing them even though they don’t have to wear socks.  The women’s Selene is so stylish. I would love to get that pair!

Burberry scarf – Now many may not know there are a few different types of scarfs:  One all wool, one all cashmere and one half and half. I have the cashmere and wool one. They also have some wonderful capes.  I bet the check cape with hood is sooooooo warm.

Black leggings – I do love how Vera Wang looks so good all the time in her leggings  -  I love to wear my black legging with a long sweater.  I bought some last year at White House/Black Market but only saw some summer ones online

Who would have thought the great t-shirt company C&C California has leggings too  – sweet. Check out


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