Beach Bum Must Have’s

Yikes – I let summer vacation go to my head!  In the midst of all of our trips to the beach and packing tons of sunscreen I realized there are quite a few essentials I could have used this summer (and of course did head to the store to pick up a few gadgets). Here are a few you may like:

After schlepping all of my bags, toys and kids to the beach I realized there has to be a simpler way – whether you call it a beach buggy or a beach cart – it’s pretty cool way to pack up for the day  https://www.wonderwheeler.com 

Sick of loosing sand toys and lugging them in a cumbersome bag? I  bought a mesh bag with a shoulder strap that I just love. Here is another one for the little ones – toys already in a backpack.  https://www.swimoutlet.com/product_p/7370.htm  This site also has great gear from the stakes you need for your cabana to boogie boards.

Speaking of beach cabanas why not bring your own?  https://www.onestepahead.com has the best one for the whole family.

Don’t forget the sunscreen!

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