Beach Bum Must Have’s

Yikes – I let summer vacation go to my head!  In the midst of all of our trips to the beach and packing tons of sunscreen I realized there are quite a few essentials I could have used this summer (and of course did head to the store to pick up a few gadgets). Here are a few you may like:

After schlepping all of my bags, toys and kids to the beach I realized there has to be a simpler way – whether you call it a beach buggy or a beach cart – it’s pretty cool way to pack up for the day 

Sick of loosing sand toys and lugging them in a cumbersome bag? I  bought a mesh bag with a shoulder strap that I just love. Here is another one for the little ones – toys already in a backpack.  This site also has great gear from the stakes you need for your cabana to boogie boards.

Speaking of beach cabanas why not bring your own? has the best one for the whole family.

Don’t forget the sunscreen!

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