The big move


It’s is a big moment for moms, dads and kids – moving….. with kids.  

Moving with kids is always stressful – top that with not knowing where you are going to live and it’s even more stressful!  We sold our house and tried to buy another house but it just didn’t work out so now we are staying temporarily in a two bed two bath apartment until we find a house we like. I have to say it’s very nice and all brand new.  The girls think it’s a hotel and my six year old even said, “Can I go down to the rec room and get breakfast?”  Dear… there is no room service here! 

Anyway I would have loved to have movers come, pack up our stuff and move it and unpack when we arrived but that is just a great luxury. I noticed on Daily Candy one day – what you haven’t heard of Daily Candy? Sign up  – at least for the Boston one – it is truly a great way to get great information.  It’s a free daily e-mail newsletter and website and according to them it is “the insider’s guide to what’s hot, new, and undiscovered — from fashion and style to gadgets and travel” anyways that is where I heard of this great site and they offer a moving service that does everything for you – can you imagine that?  Everything from unpacking to setting up your utilities. Now I can appreciate that as I did not have my home phone for three days!

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