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Ok so it has been a while since I wrote but have been very busy!  Went to Vegas for my birthday with the girlfriends, sold my house and my husband is starting back up at work! WHEW…

But I did have fun in Vegas – lots of shopping but you know you are getting older when you are out to dinner (or in this case a club) and the majority of women are wearing shirts as dresses – I guess that was the trend. My friend had on a cute black dress/longer shirt with leggings and as the night wore on she said I think I should have left my leggings at home! It’s funny to see the styles in a different part of the country (and in warmer weather).While it’s not so warm in the Northeast today I am still looking forward to sandals, shorts and skirts for the season.  Here are some of the latest trends I spotted:

Bright colors – fushia, yellow,etc.   I thought yellow was the “it” color last year but am still seeing it out and about.  There are so many variations of yellow but the bright sunny type yellow is my favorite (not mustard, please) Jcrew has a great selection Although I have seen pairing black with yellow I recommend against it.  I just think it makes you look like a bumble bee – well I think it makes me look like a bumble bee. (actually Oprah had back and yellow on the other day on her show and it looks fabulous)  The better option is to pair it with white, kakhi or gold.

There’s nothing like a floral shirt or skirt to brighten up your wardrobe. – They have some great ones. Floral looks great with white accessories or straw accessories.  I am still distraught over not buying a straw/wicker handbag from the coach outlet last year as when I went back it was gone! (when it doubt buy it as you can always return it!)   I still think about that bag as I put together my outfits this spring……..

The last trend is the exotic prints or global. Whether it’s a shirt with a jeweled neckline, beaded bottom, geometric patterns and even paisley prints. This one is hard to pull off.  Log onto Neiman Marcus for a wide selection.

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