Stroller Envy

So I picked up this pregnancy magazine the other day at the store (not for me personally but work related!) isn’t it amazing how products change every year? My youngest is three and there are even newer and cooler items for babies out there now – everything from strollers to highchairs, bibs and diaper bags.

Of course the topic of stroller envy is everywhere and it seems every pregnancy magazine is comparing the latest and greatest stroller.My friend keeps talking about phil & teds.  It’s a cute little buggy for two children in funky colors.
Even though I don’t have a baby (but want one!) the bugaboo would still be my first choice.  They now have a more affordable compact stroller ($529) called the bugaboo bee introduced this September. It’s a one piece foldable stroller – so cute!

Quinny™ strollers are the new bugaboos I think!   The Buzz (who created that name?) is the talk of the town now. Easy set up and for about $500 you can get one too (along with many new moms)

I still have my Peg Perego for my three year old and with a step in the back that the six year old still likes to ride on!  It is a bit awkward to handle and is very heavy but it gets them from point a to b! Isn’t that all you really need!



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