Winter Sports and The Family
You know it’s that time again – ski season is in full swing in the Northeast. I know, I hear it everywhere and I am sure you do too….. “we’ve got to get the kids on skis,”  We finally did last week. 

But a word of warning:  Rent skis and test out the terrain before you make a commitment to purchase a whole ensemble for young kids and the family because I am sure you have heard…….it can get really expensive.  You know how fickle little 6 year olds can be!  So drumroll please… are a few tips for surviving the winter ski season with young kids.

Rent equipment and head to a local ski hill.  Check out your own backyard before you head to a monstrous mountain as young kids who are first starting out won’t be hitting the trails but sticking to the bunny slope!  One such resource (, can help you navigate.

Pack a healthy snack or lunch so kids have their bellies full before they head out on the slopes.  You mean you haven’t tried Lands End lunch bags ( they are really cute and functional!

There is a bag for everything. We all know kids should carry their own equipment but let’s face it after a few hours of skiing a three year old can get pretty cranky.  My husband developed a system.  Gloves, goggles and headsocks stuffed into helmets in one bag. Ski’s boots in another (when they are so young the skis are so tiny they can have their own bag.   I was checking out go ski ( the other day and they do have quite a selection!

Happy skiing!

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