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Spring/Winter Clothes

No it’s no April fools’ joke  – that is my front lawn covered with snow. At least it wasn’t a blizzard.  Our schools had a two hour delay and while we had the winter coats close by my hubby put away the winter boots and did not want to dig them out!  Just the other day I was wearing flip flops and now I am back in my Uggs and North Face parker.  Ugg….

I was so looking forward to wearing bright clothes and open toe shoes but have not fully transitioned my closet yet from winter to spring/summer clothes. I spent three hours a few weekends ago going through my kids closet and then went out to buy shorts and T’s and then it snowed again. There were back and forth between short and long sleeved T’s and heavy sweatshirts that they were so confused. What do you wear this time of year?

Here are some of my favorite transitional clothes for this time of year in New England.

Black Leggings – hey you can wear them with flip flops or boots

Long sleeved black shirt – add a bright T shirt over it and if you really need to a long sweater and a scarf. Take off layers if the temp rises!

A T-shirt dress – I have this great black short sleeved one that I can wear a heavy sweater over it. It is linen though…..but add some tights and boots and a sweater and you really can’t tell.

I still have my black tights out and have not even attempted to wear a skirt without leggings or tights…..yet

Can you tell I like the color black?