Not all sheets are created equal: A review: @PeachSkinSheets #BestSheetsEver

Getting a good night’s sleep and being comfortable at night is a must for busy moms and dads! Especially as we get older sometimes becoming overheated at night is a big problem! (hello hot flashes!) I didn’t really think sheets would make a difference but boy was I wrong. The Original PeachSkinSheets company sent me a set to test out and review. These super soft comfort sheets are great for hot sleepers but also work to regulate you as warm sleepers stay cool, and cool sleepers stay warm. They are breathable, ultra soft, anti-pill sheets that feature thermal control and moisture management properties. The durable athletic grade performance SMART fabric wicks away moisture to keep you drier and more comfortable.

At first my husband was like, “big deal what is the difference?” You can immediately feel the difference and softness and that first night we slept on the sheets neither of us woke up in the middle of the night! In fact I did notice that my waking up at 4,5 in the morning has subsided a bit when I put the sheets on. Now we don’t want to go back to our other store bought sheets.

These 1500 thread count soft sheets are available in multiple sizes so check out their web site and fabric guide here

They are also super easy to care for as the sheets have wrinkle release that is activated in the dryer on medium to medium/high heat about 20 minutes after washing.
Make sure to wash them by themselves or with other sheets, no towels, in warm or cold water and with no fabric softener ball or dryer ball. Prices start at $55.

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Disclosure: PeachSkinSheets sent me a queen set to review. All opinions in this blog post are my own.


PeachSkinSheets #BestSheetsEver and perfectly packaged
PeachSkinSheets #BestSheetsEver and perfectly packaged