Back to school – Back to routine

Today on my weekly radio guest spot we of course talked Oscars but we also talked about transitioning your kids back to a routine after having a week off! What do you do to get your kids back on track? Here are a few tips that I have found work pretty well!

  • Make no plans Sunday night – Especially after a week’s vacation -  take a chill pill! I remember growing up we always had Sunday night dinner and quite time afterwards to wind down from the weekend.  Have the kids relax with you, watch a movie or even have a quiet family dinner.
  • Late nights are the norm on a vacation so I usually start to transition them back to their normal bedtime a few nights before school starts (not just the Sunday night)
  • Be prepared – I made sure I had “school” snacks already packed, lunches, backpack and clothes ready to go. I try to do this every night.  My kids don’t like when I make the sandwiches the night before but many moms do just that and that helps!  Anything that can cut your morning routine time helps!
  • I have to admit I have a hard time getting up in the morning and my hubby has actually changed the clocks back 15 minutes so that it looks like I am running late when actually I am not – I know how goofy is that – but frankly I forget he does this so it helps on some days!  A little secret:  we would make it look like it was later when the kids were younger by switching the clock back saying no it really is your bedtime. This stopped working when they got older and figured out to go and check all the clocks in the house and it rarely worked in summer when it was still light out! Sometimes they just need the extra sleep!