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Your middle schooler’s fashionable locker @lockerlookz

Fashion Locker? Yes, kids do decorate their lockers!  If you have a tween girl you know that fashion can be important when it comes to middle school. Why not have them design their locker with fun accessories and décor? They can decorate their space with a bit of help from the experts at  LockerLookz. 

It is a creative and fun way for tweens to personalize their space at school and LockerLookz offers so many different accessories to choose from.  LockerLookz offers wallpaper, rugs, bins, frames, white boards and what a way to light up a locker  – a beaded chandelier! You can buy each item individually or in kits.  I also (*I mean my tween) loves the different color selections. The company also offers a new product line including fur pillows, a storage caddy, tape dispensers and a fun candy dispenser!  All these items are perfect for the tween girls bedroom at home as well. Check out the items online.

Check out my 6th grader’s locker  – almost complete thanks to LockerLookz.

Disclosure: The company sent me some LockerLookz items to test out and review. All opinions in this blog post are my own.

Turn a drab locker into a stylish one with @LockerLookz
Turn a drab locker into a stylish one with @LockerLookz