Last Weeks of Summer Vacation

What’s the plan for the last few weeks of summer for the kids?  Of course it’s back to school shopping but what do you do with the kids these last few weeks? We have been running around like crazy – to the pool, to the beach, to get ice cream, etc.  And yes and of course I have to work during this time as well! Yesterday I conducted my weekly radio interview on the beach (away from my kids and my friends kids) but some people were looking at me funny I think because I was talking loud!

What I noticed is that many of the town camps end the first or second week of August and there are less options as the month closes out. We are on vacation the last week of August so I just have to worry about weeks 2-4!  Sitters are heading back to college so I have to utilize them while I can. Here are a few tips to keep the kidos occupied.

  • While I don’t like them watching TV that much, my 10 year old’s friend got her interested in the Harry Potter movies – she has like what 8 movies to watch to keep up? That should take some time…..Plus after all this running around we need some down time.
  • My neighbor has an almost one year old. They like to head over and “babysit” her for a few hours and I think the mom can get something’s done at the same time!
  • When I have an in-person meeting and/or a conference call it’s daddy time. Luckily his job is flexible so he will take the kids to lunch during these times.
  • Exchange playdate services with a friend. Watch a friend’s kids for a few hours and she can do the same for you.
  • Babysitters can be pricy but many times, especially if you work from home a mother’s helper can keep the kids occupied.  Make sure you talk with the younger teen’s mother about expectations.  Usually at the age of 13 they can start helping.

Enjoy these last few weeks of summer as they are going to fly by!