Boston Baby Beginnings – the new premier childbirth classes taught by registered nurses

Boston Baby Beginnings is the Boston Area’s premier childbirth classes exclusively taught by registered nurses. Founder and Registered Nurse with an extensive obstetrics background, Raeanne Brazee, began a mission to thoroughly educate parents-to-be about all aspects of childbirth education while keeping in mind affordability, flexibility and a relaxed small group environment.   Now THAT is a way to start a business – find a need and offer a solution!  Here is more from my conversation with Raeanne.

When did you first come up with your business idea?

As a high risk maternity nurse, I have had the pleasure of caring for many pregnant women from many different OB practices. It was apparent to me, that many of my patients that had taken a childbirth class at a big franchise where receiving more information about products and less information about childbirth.

As I did more research, I soon began to realize the flaws in childbirth education. As of today, there are no childbirth licensing standards and most certifying companies do not require instructors to have a medical background. As an obstetrical nurse with over 10 years experience, I feel it is so important to get correct information from educated professionals in their respective fields.

A very reputable Obstetrician in Boston asked if I would be interested in teaching childbirth education to her patients and the classes began to fill as other Obstetricians found out I was teaching. We take into consideration the most relevant and current course content, intimacy, affordability and flexibility. Our classes are purely educational, not geared toward selling products.

What do you wish expectant moms would know before choosing a childbirth class?

Be open minded and choose a class that is the geared towards delivering at your hospital.

Any advice for working moms? How do you balance it all?

Working as a nurse 20 hours/week, owning my own business and caring for my family has been a challenge. I sometimes have to take a step back and remind myself, I am NOT Superwoman. My best advice to other Moms/Business Owners is to be organized, flexible and do not expect others to read your mind. If you need help, just ask!