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A review: A new, fun cookbook @100CalPortions The Perfect Portion Cookbook

As a busy mom and businesswoman I am always on the lookout for quick, tasty and easy recipes!

I found that and a new way to look at recipes all divided by 100 calorie portions in a new cookbook. I was lucky to receive a copy of The Perfect Portion Cookbook (new this month!) that makes it easy to enjoy favorite comfort foods by using this unique first-ever 100-calorie-counting system. Happy Days TV star and director Anson Williams was inspired to write the book after visiting the supermarket and seeing all the 100-calorie snack packs. The Perfect Portion Cookbook was co-written with New York Times best-selling cookbook author Bob Warden and food/nutrition expert Mona Dolgov.

This very visual, colorful and easy to follow cookbook is filled with over 150-family favorite recipes. I cannot wait to try to stovetop mac & cheese as well as try to make my own classic tomato soup! It has a recipe for everything from vegetable fried rice to French toast and even sauces like pesto, tzatziki and dressings. There is a great desert section too including recipes for lemon bars, chocolate chip cookies and even fudge. Most of the recipes include better for you ingredients like Greek yogurt, olive oil, fruit and veggies. What I really like about The Perfect Portion Cookbook is how it is color divided with a quick look at the top right hand corner of each page you can see the recipes divided by color for breakfast, casseroles, everyday meals, etc. I also like how each recipe lists prep time and bake time and some even provide a quick helpful tip at the bottom of the page!

This remarkable cookbook is a go-to eating guide with recipes, meal plan tools, tips for 100-calorie smart snacks and a list of everyday exercises that are essential for a healthy lifestyle.

This book provides a great way to watch your calories and manage portion sizes so it’s easy to follow. So whether you want 100, 200 or even 400 calorie portions – you can eat what you want without the guilt. The recipes are “comfort food” oriented too so all my favorite snacks, meals and deserts are listed in the book! Check out the web site  and you will find lots of good information.

Here is a link to purchase it on Amazon.

Disclosure: I was sent a preview copy of The Perfect Portion Cookbook to review. All opinions are my own.

A fun, new colorful cookbook on the market: The Perfect Portion

A fun, new colorful cookbook on the market: The Perfect Portion

Every page of The Perfect Portion Cookbook has easy, yummy recipes

Every page of The Perfect Portion Cookbook has easy, yummy recipes



Kids Get Cooking!

Easter is over and thank goodness I did not have to cook. We went to my sister’s house where she prepared a wonderful meal.  I don’t cook – figuring out what to serve each night for my kids stresses me out as I want my kids to eat healthy and I want to prepare healthy meals but it’s not something I like to do. (Many nights are either whole grain/wheat pasta or a trip to Whole Foods market’s prepared food section!) Ironically my 9 year old loves to take cooking classes!

So glad that I found this online series from Weight Watchers called “Cooking With Kids” video series, which brings to life teachable moments to help kids value fresh and healthy foods and to instill good eating habits at an early age.  I like that is it educational as well.  Kids (and parents) can learn, where the food is harvested, the culture behind the food the difference between fresh food and processed food.

Renowned chef Lidia Bastianich and chocolatier Jacques Torres along with the kids go behind-the-scenes to learn the art of selecting fresh foods at the market and preparing them in nutritious, tasty foods.  From homemade pasta to roasting cocoa beans for chocolate, kids get hands-on experience and learn the value of healthful eating.  It’s also fun to watch with your kids.

Bon Appétit!

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