B day parties

It’s my baby’s birthday today! Yes my youngest is now 7!  I cannot believe it. My oldest turns 10 on Monday. Since they are both summer babies we usually have three birthday parties – one for each and then a family party with cousins, aunts and grandparents. It is always a busy week for us mid-July. This year I decided to combine the party at one location for both girls – a bowling party. Surprisingly they were all for it (we maybe with a little convincing!) I am still holding the family party.

A few moms and I were talking the other day about birthday parties and when is the age when you stop inviting the whole class and just have a few friends over.  The consensus was about 5th grade.  I am tending to agree. Each year I printed invitations, invited the whole world and stressed over it! I love a nice printed invitation and love putting together gift bags as well. We have had parties at build-a-bear, rock climbing, at the beach, Snip-its, etc.  I also had their parties at the house for a few years which many parents were shocked about. Yes, it was a mess but it’s their birthday! We also had a sleepover for my oldest last year which will probably never happen again – at least not with that many girls.  This year I sent email invitations which my kids were worried, “not everyone has email!”  Who doesn’t have email? (for the record everyone we invited does have email)

Growing up my family did make a big deal about birthdays.  I like to say it’s my birthday week and/or month and celebrate multiple times – why not? It’s never to late, too old or too much celebrating to enjoy your day!

What’s your favorite birthday celebration?