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It’s not something I talk about every day – bras. But lately I have been feeling not so great in a bra that has been sized for me. Every once in a while I go to a certain store and get resized/fitted and each and every time it’s different. What’s not different is the uncomfortable wire bras they try to sell me. That is why I was so excited to work with True & Co. They are a new kind of intimate apparel brand based on one simple ideal: for all of us, every woman, to feel comfortable in our own skin. I have been looking for a more comfortable bra. Wire bras just bug me lately! On the weekends I will wear a sports bra to lounge around in, but most of them are not comfortable to wear all day. True & Co has a wonderful bra called the Second Skin and say it’s like naked, but better. The Second Skin™ hugs your curves and disappears under clothes. It is a pull over, which generally I do not like but once you have it on it feels like you are wearing nothing. No straps digging into you as it’s all once piece. I have tested out no wire bras before but they tend to dig in and hurt even without a wire. This one has no wire, elastic or bulky seams. It is very comfortable and offers double layers for extra smoothing. It is not flimsy by any means and has nice light support and removable pads.

I also got to test out the New Alice Easy Fit pullover bra in charcoal. It is like a sports bra only prettier, supportive and it does not flatten. It is meant for when you do not feel like wearing a bra but it still flatters. I call this my new weekend bra lol! The site has very nice lingerie and you can even take a fit quiz that provides guidance on size and styles. They have try on tents coming up in New York, where you book a complimentary personal fit appointment. Check out all the items online.


Disclosure: True & Co sent me a couple bras to test out. All opinions are my own.

Super comfy bras from True & Co.

Super comfy bras from True & Co.



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