Traveling Tips & Tricks – A beach day

Summer is here! That means lots of travelling. In the summer we head to the cape and day trips to the beach. We also head to Italy but that is another post. So of course, packing the right way is essential. I did decide to get the Yeti cooler.

It really is a must if you plan to stay at the beach the whole day. I was debating between the backpack and the full zipper one. It really does hold a lot and keeps everything very chilly. We have had many soft side coolers over the year but this one really is the best.  The one thing I have to point out is if you have greasy, white sunscreen it may come off on the fabric of the cooler – ha, ha, last trip we had handprints all over and eventually it did come off, so just be aware.  Happy beach day and happy shopping!

THE Yeti Cooler
The must have cooler for the summer season!


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