What’s the new normal? Travel adventures and more

As we are heading into February….I know I cannot believe it…..and digging our from under snow, I am imagining sun, sand and the beach. As the holiday season and January was filled with COVID, I hope we are able to turn a corner and see less of the pandemic and more of a new normal and getting back to seeing people and more travel.

Even if it is a daily adventure out to the local coffee shop, a walk outside with a few friends or a day trip to the beach – do something each day that makes you happy! Wear your mask and of course social distancing is still in effect but you can so somethings that are safe while enjoying a meet up here and there! We have fun trips planned down the road so there is that to look forward to as well!

So looking forward to beach trips with friends, family travel and day trips as well!

Fun times with friends on February school vacation pre-COVID

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