As we approach the final couple of months in 2021, we need to start preparing for the new year. I believe that now is an awesome time to work on getting your home in tip top shape. Today, I want to talk about how to get your home organized. While it might seem overwhelming to organize every single room, there is a strategy to help you get this accomplished! The biggest struggle for many of us is finding the time (hello, never-ending to-do list) to do this. Having an organized home is a huge project so don’t put a lot of pressure on yourself to finish quickly. Instead, enjoy the brief moments of time you have to put things in a spot or a ‘home’ and celebrate the small progress you make each day.

1. Create a List: Before you even begin organizing, go through your home and create a list of what rooms need what done to them. If you’re like me, I forget a few things especially by the end of the day so having this list helps me stay on top of what I need to get, organize or purge in each room. Having it all ready to go also helps me create a plan of how I want to tackle the mess. For example, the kitchen is always a disaster and consistently has several areas that need to be addressed, so I’ll simply write down KITCHEN and then underneath, I’ll write down the areas I want to work on such as the pantry, junk drawer, and coffee station (my favorite nook minus the wine rack haha). This helps me look at things from a smaller perspective.

2. Have a Donation Bin: Having a donation bin makes it SO much easier to get rid of things you no longer need without feeling wasteful. Also, I found that if I have a bin to toss no-longer-needed items in, I am much more likely to actually get rid of them rather than stuffing them in a closet or basket somewhere. Trust me on this one! And then, once it fills up, drop that bad boy off at your nearest thrift shop or donate items to a homeless shelter. Let’s help out others and free up some landfill space!

3. Grab and Go Cleaning Station: I can’t be the only one that hates running up and down the stairs to clean multiple surfaces, bathrooms, and more. Having a system is key to keeping life and your home organized which leads me to tip number 3 – I  love to create a grab-and-go cleaning station so I can keep the supplies I need in one confined unit. I store it in a caddy and add the items I need such as a cleaning toilet brush, rags, disinfectant wipes, and towels. You basically can put anything you want in yours so you aren’t searching for items or running up and down flights.

5. Color Coding: It can be easy to throw our unfolded laundry in piles but one way to help your closet look and feel its best is color coding your closet. Many professionals love doing this and not only is it visually appealing but also keeps things in their place. You can also color-code your books, craft supplies or any other category of items that has multiple things.

6. Add Drawer Dividers: One easy tip to maximize storage and organize your drawers is using drawer dividers. One drawer divider instantly creates separate categories for your space so everything has its own little home. It can make things so much easier to fit more items because the dividers make it easier to stack things vertically as well. I use them in our bathroom, my kids drawers for their clothes, and in our kitchen.

7. Get Rid Of Old Furniture: As you declutter and organize your home, you are probably thinking so much about the small things that you are forgetting about the large items, too. First of all, small items add up. If you are really taking on decluttering and organizing on a major scale, you will probably have a lot of boxes to get rid of, or put into storage. Second of all, if you are getting rid of large furniture items, are you prepared to move it yourself? If not, have a back up plan ready to go, such as getting help from a local moving team, such as Fresh Start – The Moving Crew. They can help you with storage, if you need a place to store items that you cannot fully commit to letting go of (yet), or they can help you move your furniture around your home, or even out of the home entirely. They are a local New England moving crew that prides themselves on great customer service. Their team lives and works in New England, so they are very familiar with each and every one of the region’s neighborhoods. They do local moves, long-distance moves and they can help with other services such as Worcester MA gun safe moving, if you have any large safes in your home, that you are ready to move to a new spot, or part with completely. They get most of their business via word of mouth and have built their business on trust, compassion, reliability, diligence, and care. They are proud to be one of the most highly rated moving teams in the area…if not the best…and they can help you move out your old furniture with ease.

There are many other easy organization ideas to keep you and your family on top of the new year to come. Again, take your time and go through each room carefully. Pick out what you want to keep and from there figure out a way to display the item or put it away neatly. What are some projects you want to tackle to keep your apartment or home organized this year?

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