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Each year I buy a fresh calendar. I also like to write things down in a to do list. There are some fantastic calendar/planners out there. One that I was introduced to is not a calendar, not a to do list but an in-depth goal planner. I was so excited to receive The PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner from Cultivate What Matters. It is a purposeful planner and it is unlike anything I have seen!  It is a powerful tool that you can use along with any calendar to help you reach your goals.

When you first open the box it is already motivating! The wire bound goal planner called PowerSheets was created by Lara Casey, the best-selling author of Make It Happen and Cultivate: A Grace-Filled Guide to Growing an Intentional Life.

There are fun stickers, quote cards and even a card to create your word of the year! The first section really encourages you to walk through your goals and then there is 12 months of goal setting worksheets to make the goals you map out a reality. It walks though what is stressing you, fears and encourages you to make out monthly action items, weekly action items and daily habits. The tending list is where you want to focus on each of these monthly, weekly and daily goals. It is like a mini life coach in each page as it asks the important questions, gets you thinking so that you will write it down.

The design of the planner is beautiful and colorful. I especially love the stickers up front to help you along the way. It really gets you thinking – from lesson learned sections to people you are grateful to what is holding you back it really helps you drill down to things that are important to you, tracking your goals – really it comes down to what do you want to cultivate? I do love the get to know me page!

The web site also offers exclusive access to a free library of downloadable Wildcard pages to help you customize your goals, including a meal planner, finance tracker, reading list, monthly calendar and budget.

Check out their website and order a PowerSheet Planner for yourself. You and your goals will be glad you did. After all and I quote from the #POWERSHEETS “Dreams Become Decisions When you Cultivate Them!

Disclosure: Cultivate What Matters sent me the PowerSheets to test out and review. As always all opinions are my own in this blog post.

Fun stickers in the #POWERSHEETS The Intentional Goal Planner
Motivational cards including in the Intentional Goal Planner #POWERSHEETS


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