A new trend in taking off make-up @face.halo #facehalo #sponsored

So many times I look down at my white towels after I wash my face and see stains from my make-up AND even then not all my make-up comes off! I tried liquid eye make-up remover, pads soaked in eye-make-up remover and even q-tip like make-up removers and nothing fully worked. I am so glad Face Halo send me their non-toxic fiber make-up remover pad to test out.

It is super easy to use – you add warm or cold water and you don’t need to scrub just simply wipe off your make-up. Now of course your make-up is on the Face Halo- that is good but you just put your Face Halo in the wash with white/light colors and it is ready to use again and can be washed around 200 times. Just don’t use fabric softener as it leaves a coating that will reduce the effectiveness. Also air drying them is best too. I do feel like my skin is super clean and as I like to use natural products on my skin I no longer have to worry about which eye make-up remover and cleanser is the safest as with the Face Halo it takes off ALL the make-up. It is very compact so if you travel a lot it fits in any make-up case.

So glad I have one!

Disclosure: The company sent me a Face Halo to test out. As always all opinions in this blog post are my own.






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