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I love to sleep but some mornings I wake up with bed head, dry skin and the dreaded crease on my face! Why not get in your beauty sleep with a silk pillowcase. Not all silk pillows are created equal. So glad that Slip pure silk pillowcase sent me one to test out. It comes in a beautiful package and it is very soft and you just sink into it when you hit the pillow. There are some benefits to using a Slip pillow case including less sleep crease, no more bed head and it can help hydrate your skin.

Minimizes sleep crease – many times I have woken up with a crease across my face – imagine what sleeping on the side of our face on a cotton pillowcase does for wrinkles year after year? No more with slip!  Their web site says years of chronic sleep crease completely disappears after the very first night. No more crease for me!


No more bed head – silk pillowcases are gentler on your hair than cotton. According to the Slip website, “Cotton grabs your hair and twists it at the root throughout the night, damaging hair and causing bed-head in the morning, whereas silk is so gentle on your hair, it allows your hairstyle/blow-dry to last overnight” This is great news especially for those who love to make their blow dry last days! That alone sold me on the product.


It helps hydrate your skin – Cotton can be very absorbent and a cotton pillow case can draw moisture away from your skin . You may feel more hydrated with Slip! Plus silk breathes and is a natural temperature regulator – my perimenopause friends will love it – so soothing and so sweating! Buy yours here

Slip pillowcase arrives in a lovely package
Slip pillowcase arrives in a lovely package
Smooth as silk...Slip pillowcase is so smooth and a dream to sleep on!
Smooth as silk…Slip pillowcase is so smooth and a dream to sleep on!


Disclosure: I was sent a slip pillow case to test out. As always all opinions in this blog post are my own.

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