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It’s September and that means back to school, routine and chaos! I am sure many of you are not even thinking about a vacation or traveling! However as parents we run around a lot with our kids and sometimes taking time off and planning a vacation is not always easy. BUT even if it’s a day trip, a quick visit to another city or a full blown trip around the world, getting away can be fun! We do love our weekend day trips to Boston and each year I map out where I would like to go on vacation. This year the kids want to go back to Florida (it is nice when you have friends you can stay with) as well as take a trip to San Francisco. Of course on my list is to take a trip to Italy and France! What are your travel goals this year?

Enjoying the sites in Boston from the car! #travel #travelblogger
Enjoying the sites in Boston from the car! #travel #travelblogger

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