Product Review: @BronzeBuffer

We see a lot of products come across our desk at trendymommies and this one is a must if you like to use self-tanner. The bronze buffer is a cushiony sponge that helps wipe away streaks after your self tanner develops. It instantly wipes away the unwanted color with just a touch of water. It has no added ingredients or chemicals. With a bit of water the buffer’s exfoliation instantly removes the unwanted self-tanner on the upper layer of skin with only a few light swipes. It is perfect for elbows and knees, so no more worrying on those areas when you use self-tanner!  Also, this little sponge also removes deodorant from your clothes when it’s dry.   It is the must have item you will need in your closet – we love it! Two sponges costs $10.00.

Disclosure: The company sent me the bronze buffer to test out. All opinions are my own.

@BronzeBuffer a must have if you self-tan
@BronzeBuffer a must have if you self-tan

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