My new fav: Scenterpiece @TheYankeeCandle

We love Yankee Candles!  I especially love this new Yankee Candle Scenterpiece easy melt cup warmer as there are no flames and no mess!  It is so easy to use and provides a nice aroma to any room with some of your favorite Yankee Candle scents.  All you do is plug in the warmer and drop in the scenterpiece easy melt cups and within a few minutes the aroma of  apple cider or spiced pumpkin or any of your favorite fragrances fills the room.  (yes, I happen to like the fall ones!)  It’s easy and a much more stylish way to enjoy your favorite scents. The warmers come is a variety of colors and styles. Clean up is much easier too – let it cool before you remove the cup!  A fun, new way to change scents without the mess of a traditional wax melt.  Check it out!

Disclosure: The company sent me a warmer to test out and review. All opinions are my own.


Scenterpiece Easy Melt Cup Warmer from @TheYankeeCandle
Scenterpiece Easy Melt Cup Warmer from @TheYankeeCandle

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