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We are heading into the summer season in New England so that means lots of sun!  As I age I try to avoid the bad affects of the sun and use lots of sunscreen but am trying more ways to combat those wrinkles. I have tried my share of wrinkle reducing creams and just discovered this new technology called The Trinity Facial Toaning Device by NuFace. It is an FDA cleared device to improve facial contour and skin tone and is a wrinkle reducer. I like it because it is easy to use, takes only 5 minutes a day and you can see a difference in wrinkle reduction. You simply prep your skin with the gel primer, glide the NuFACE device over your face (directions show you exactly how to do it -in the right direction) and remove the primer and wipe down the device. Simple!

How exactly does the device work? It delivers soft wave microcurrents to stimulate the skin so you will see an improved appearance. I really didn’t feel anything as I used it just every once in a while would I feel a slight tingle.

Check out their web site

Disclosure: The company sent me the device to test out. All opinions are my own.

@MyNuFACE device. My new favorite product!
@MyNuFACE device. My new favorite product!

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