Grammy Awards Fashion

It is awards season and that means time to discuss fashions hits and misses.  I usually fast forward through the Grammy awards telecast but since I have tweens they wanted to watch the whole thing!

So here is my recap. For this type of awards ceremony we expect the unexpected. A little bit of wild, leather, lace, out of the ordinary but this time it felt like the Oscars. (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing)  LOVED Taylor Swift’s Gucci dress.  Although I see what she was trying to accomplish – fun and music – I did not care for Katie Perry’s dress.  Loved the color of Miranda Lambert’s dress but it felt more like an Oscar’s dress than Grammy Awards.  Paris Hilton, just no. Same for the zebra dress Paula Patton was wearing. My favorite dress was the one Colbie Callat was wearing.  I always love a red dress and this one was perfect.

Finally the hat – you know which one. Everyone is talking about it and I guess that is why it makes news – it was odd, out of the ordinary and unexpected but isn’t that what the Grammy Awards fashions are all about?

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