Columbus Day Weekend – Treats from The Merrimack Valley

It is always nice to have a day off to enjoy the outdoors and some treats! This weekend we visited my dad and made visits to my hometown spots that my kids have grown to love.

1.  Raymonds Turkey Farm – for many years my family has enjoyed these homemade turkey pies and now both my kids love them. We even have Turkey Pie Monday in our house but on the Mondays when we substitute Raymonds for another brand each of us is a little sad as we have not found the combination of thin, all white meat turkey and dark gravy in other turkey pies.

2. Mann Orchards - 

This is another favorite, especially for  their whoopie pies and other yummy cakes and pies. Plus I was able to pick up apples, since we have not gone apple picking this season!

3.  Tripoli pizza – or beach pizza as we call it is a must visit when we take a trip to visit grandpa!  With a location now in North Andover we can enjoy our summertime favorite all year!


Treats from Tripoli bakery
Treats from Tripoli bakery
Turkey Pie from Raymonds
Turkey Pie from Raymonds


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