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Back to school time: a backpack, lunch gear and more

Today on 980 WCAP-AM we were talking back to school items! It is almost that time – do you have your backpacks ready and lunch boxes set? If not check out some of these cool items that came across the desk.

Backpacks – Love LL Bean backpacks as they are PVC and BPA free and they last forever.  My 9 year old is using the backpack we got for my 12 year old last year and it’s as good as new. They really have the best selection for kids of all ages. We do like how if you visit the store they help with the sizing for your child.

Whole Foods sells the adorable Crocodile Creek backpacks and lunch boxes that are perfect for preschoolers that are eco-friendly and cute. Whole Foods also had the Eco Kids ice packs, and quite the selection of all natural items to store in your kids backpacks from lip balms to hand sanitizer and even a bamboo utensil set. The whole foods vanilla honey lip balm is great and if your middle schooler needs a good hand wipe (great for after gym class) have them try the Alba Botanica hawaiian 3 in 1 clean towelettes. We tested them out and they smell great!

Lunch storage needs to be fun, bright and colorful! The Plymouth based cool gear makes a great selection of lunch sacks, water bottles, salad storage items that are all BPA free.

Especially for the younger kids lice can continue to be a problem throughout the school year.  Babo Botanicals makes the best lice prevention kit. The shampoo and spray is 95% effective in preventing lice according to the company website. The great smelling tea tree scent is not too overpowering and is a must have for busy moms. I also love the moisturizing baby shampoo and wash, especially in the summertime – it’s perfect for dry skin.

If you struggle with your child in the morning rush with brushing their hair then you need a knot genie! It is a pain-free way to brush kids hair and even get them to brush their own hair. It is really what moms want. We tested it out and it really works.

For the college crew: grab a go go pillow for a fun way to store your tablet and read in bed.  My tweens actually love this pillow. It holds the tablet so you can have it on your lap. It folds up as a travel pillow and can even work as a backpack (perfect if younger kids head to grandmas after school) is another neat invention and a must have at college. Its’ a BPA free water bottle with a filter right inside and affordable starting at $9.99. Now you can have filtered water at your fingertips.  If you just want to carry your phone here is a must have accessory that is slim and holds your id, a credit card and some cash. is a great accessory for apple, android and blackberry phones. It fits right on the back eliminating the need for a wallet!

Back to school essentials
Back to school essentials












Disclosure: The above companies sent me the products to review. All opinions are my own.

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