chia seed? It’s everywhere!

So many fun food items have come across my desk that I have to share some with you!  I have seen chia seeds now everywhere. In fact there were in my yogurt topping this morning.  The folks at Drink Chia sent me a few drinks to try.  It is a chia seed beverage. What is a chia seed you ask?  The chia seed is high in fiber and some call it a superfood.  Yes it is the same seed found in the chia pet. While flax seeds are popular chia seeds are becoming more popular it seems. I poured some of the chia drink for me and the kids and they did try it but did not like that they were floating in the beverage. It does take some getting used to drinking the chia beverage as the seeds tend to puff up a bit in the drink and it’s almost like you are drinking something foreign. However this drink is good for hydration, endurance, heart health and brain power so test it out and if you like it drink up! With only 50 calories and 3 grams of fiber it is an interesting choice for a drink but I liked it!

Drink Chia!

Chia seeds in a drink - Drink Chia!
Chia seeds in a drink – Drink Chia!













Disclosure: the company sent me several bottles of Drink Chia to sample. All opinions are my own.

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