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Home care items can be expensive – you know the drill – toilet paper, cleaning wipes, fabric softener, tissues, etc. If you need them all at once you are in trouble as they can be costly!  As I head to my favorite retailer just about every other day I am so glad they have a line called CVS Total Home.

If you needing TP, cleaning wipes, tissues, etc. check out this latest line from CVS!  They all work just the same as any other brand and costs are comparable if not less. My kids were very excited to test out the super soft TP as they always complain about dad getting the not so fluffy stuff! Loved that the cleaning wipes come in an extra large container – perfect for the car and cleaning the whole house after sickness.  The hand sanitizing wipes are great too for on the go. Go test them for yourself!

Disclosure: The company sent me the above items to test out. All opinions are my own.

CVS total home items
CVS total home items

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