Embracing Technology

I told myself this was the year I would embrace technology.  For Christmas and my birthday my husband bought me the iphone 5 and mini i pad. I finally bought myself a nook (with glowlight!) For mother’s day my husband bought me a laptop. So far I only opened up the nook a few times. While I went away for girls weekend in Miami my friend had her kindle and was like, “how come you are not reading on your new nook?”  I just wanted to relax, enjoy the scenery and not have to worry about finishing the book! anyway… I hope to use all my new technologies more often. It is amazing how technology continues to change. Remember when no one had a cell phone? How did we ever get by without a quick check of facebook, twitter, email, instagram…..

I am also loving the cases for my new devices.  I discovered these really cool cases from BUILTny. The company sent me a couple to test out for my ipad and then I bought myself one for my laptop. I like the material. It is made from NEOPRENE (like the wet suit material) and they really do offer Great protection. Check it out!

Disclosure: builtNY send me a couple kindle, mini-ipad cases to test out; all opinions in this post are my own

All my new items!
All my new items!

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