Surviving a concert with your tween girls @Kiss108 #KC13

It has been a while since I went to a concert. Clearly, as everyone was waving their smart phone lights instead of bic lighters! Things have changed a lot.  My husband and I took our girls ages 8 and 11 to the @Kiss108 concert and we saw lots of kids without parents. The majority were tween girls ages 14-18 wearing very little shorts and t-shirts! yikes! Luckily our kids still like to spend time with us (sometimes for the 11 year old)

When I was young we were not allowed to go to a concert with friends. My sister took me to see Rick Springfield when I was 13. (she is a lot older than me so more like a mom) Here are the things I was most surprised about.

1. The line to get in the actual parking lot (and to leave) – I just don’t remember this stress when I was young. My husband had this great idea of tailgating but the traffic was so bad we had a few lemonades, a handful of chips and ran to the entrance.

2. This was a LONG concert – especially for the eight year old – but I was surprised to see kids even younger than her there and without ear plus. Am I the only one with ear plugs?

3.  The attire. Oh gosh…I am not looking forward to the teenage years. The rule should be if you can see the pockets hanging out of the front of your jean shorts then….they are too SHORT – same is true if you can SEE your butt cheeks…….  Also, why wear a tank top if the sides are open or see through?

4. The parking spaces are not marked not even a letter to remember what isle you parked in. So REMEMBER where you parked your car.  Our goals was to leave as the last performer took the stage and watch/listen to her first song as we headed toward the exit, that way we would avoid the foot traffic and the car traffic exiting. But we both really did not pay attention to where we parked and ended up running around and panicking while swarms of people were exiting and we were just looking for our car!

5.  The cost of the additional items – Be prepared to buy the t-shirt, the water, the snack, the pizza etc.,  So bring LOTS of money. Or have them drink lots of water before you go in. The price of bottled water was almost $5.00! Ouch. The two t-shirts were $50.  But ahhhhhhh…. the memories they will have!

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