A better natural deodorant? @mygeodeo

Is your deodorant working for you? Have you checked the ingredients on the label? In an effort to try to find myself a product that works and does not have yucky chemicals in it, I discovered GEODEO Natural Deodorant Plus Detox Complex. The 97% natural deodorant glides on clear and provides 24 hours of protection without the use of aluminum, parabens and silicone. It actually uses volcanic minerals and Icelandic algae to fight impurities found in the body and fight daily buildup. It does not block pores. It allows the pores to excrete toxins naturally through the process of sweating but the active enzymes in GEODEO helps neutralize body odors. It also contains bamboo and aloe to nourish the skin as well as contains vitamin E! The Island is my favorite as smells great.  It is available in Unscented, Ocean and Island and costs $5.99.  Check it out!

Disclosure: The company sent me some samples to test out. All opinions are my own.

A more natural deodorant


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