Grocery shopping with kids!

Last night I took my kids grocery shopping. Yes, both of them…together…at night! When I do the grocery shopping I just like to do it by myself and rarely do I take the kids with me. But last night they were so cute and we really had fun as they started to notice the larger size items in the store. Who??…they thought could eat all this? The photos were funny.  They really wanted me to get their favorite cheese in an enormous size! This was probably one of the funniest trips I had with them so I will definitely take them with me again!

So after last night I remembered when they were younger they did go shopping with me on occasion but not before I set up a few rules:

1. I would let them pick out two treats each. No more sneaking an extra bag of chips or cookies when I was not looking

2. Any whining and it’s an immediate, “we are leaving” (and without those treats!)

3.  They do have to help with the bringing in the bags and putting stuff away. This is still hard for them to do.

4.  Stick together. No wondering around the store (especially in the cookie isle)

5. Stick to the list. I’ve tried this myself and it is hard but if you refer back to, “Is that on the list?” if no, then we cannot get it this time.

Now that I recall if I set the rules beforehand my kids were pretty well behaved. Do you shop with your kids or no?

My kids thought the larger sized items were funny!


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