Survived the snowstorm! Cupcakes, sweet treats and more

No school on Friday and there was lots of hanging around this weekend! How did you survive this stormy weekend?  Luckily just this past week we took a cupcake decorating course at our local library so there was baking of sweet treats and lots of playing outside in the snow. While this was hyped as the biggest blizzard since the storm of 78′ it certainly did pack a punch but I didn’t think it was that bad. We were much more prepared both from a food standpoint and baking supplies as well as the clean-up crews and the fact that the governor banned all non-essential personnel from driving! All and all it was a fun, relaxing weekend filled with outdoor play and sweet treats inside.

If you do want to create fun cupcakes our cupcake decorating resource Christi Showman Farrar suggested we check out the book Hello, Cupcake! which offers tips, tricks, ideas and answers to questions.

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